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WilsonHCG experiences its highest annual revenue growth to date

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After witnessing significant growth, WilsonHCG needed to find the right training and development solution that could scale along with the business. Innovative learning was required to inspire, motivate and up-skill teams on everything related to hiring and recruitment.


SocialTalent was integrated into WilsonHCG’s in-house LMS platform to create a unified learning experience. Through this, highly personalized content was deployed for new hire training, leadership development and was even used with external hiring managers.

"SocialTalent speaks for itself when it comes to business impact. Giving our employees access to the highest standard of recruitment training has in turn generated record growth for the business."​ Kim Pope, COO​ Wilson HCG

Business Impact

After coming out of a time of intense upskilling on the SocialTalent platform, WilsonHCG has been experiencing the highest revenue growth the company has ever seen. Employees are being ramped-up faster, they’re producing results and showing quality. To date, the organization has completed over 6000 courses and obtained 5000 badges – a testament to the company’s commitment to L&D.

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