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Solutions Driven increase candidate placements by 20% and recruiter productivity by 14%

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Solutions Driven approached SocialTalent because it was facing specific obstacles in relation to candidate engagement, effective communication and attraction – particularly in the wake of talent becoming increasingly passive.


SocialTalent was rolled out to all recruiters, enabling them to upskill on everything from sourcing talent to managing candidates. Customized learning paths were created to build a strong foundation of learning on communication.

"In an ever changing recruitment world, where keeping up with technology is a full time job, using the SocialTalent platform gives you the confidence that you are staying ahead and using the most advanced sourcing tools available."​ Gavin Speirs​ CEO

Business impact

Training on the SocialTalent platform has helped Solutions Driven to see the importance of connecting and engaging with candidates the right way. After measuring the benefits, the company found that there was a 35% increase in candidate responses, a 20% increase in candidate placement and a 14% rise in recruiter productivity.

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