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Hudson RPO reduces new hire ramp-up times by over 66%

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Hudson RPO’s primary challenge had been to improve the training and development of its sourcing team. However, it quickly realized that a complete recruitment learning solution was needed across the company.


Hudson RPO leveraged SocialTalent’s expansive content library and customizable learning paths for its employees. Ultimately, it made SocialTalent the core LMS within the company, to give colleagues more development opportunities.

"There is no doubt that ​the early adoption of SocialTalent as a primary source of training has given us the confidence to be bold in the commitments we make to our clients about what we can deliver."​ Darren Lancaster​ CEO (Americas & EMEA)

Business impact

Crucially for Hudson RPO, partnering with SocialTalent allowed it to reduce its new hire ramp-up time by an incredible 66%. SocialTalent formed the backbone of the company’s entire colleague development program and helped in the creation of an internal culture of learning.

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