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How Engage2Excel built a culture of learning and development

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Engage2Excel wanted to expand their L&D opportunities for recruiters, allowing them to hone their skills, increase engagement, and ramp up new employees faster. The company needed a learning provider who had up-to-date training, an engaging process of delivery, and an ability to garner insights on how learners were progressing.


One of the fundamental keys to Engage2Excel’s success was their structured approach to the launch of SocialTalent. Supported by even the most senior leaders, employees were given dedicated time each week for learning in the hopes of establishing a culture of L&D.

"SocialTalent has been an extremely collaborative and responsive partner. They have a strong pulse on the ever changing market dynamics and do an excellent job adding relevant content in a timely fashion. Our delivery team has been elevated by their SocialTalent learnings."​ Andrea Shepherd​ Senior Vice President, Engage2Excel

Business Impact:

Engage2Excel immediately saw a positive ROI from SocialTalent. User engagement was particularly high at almost double the industry average with individual learners each clocking over 10 hours on the platform. Practical benefits were also seen with a 300% increase in scheduled recruiter interviews, improved retention rates, and faster ramp-up times for new employees.

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