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In the competitive world of talent sourcing, finding and engaging the right talent is crucial for an organization’s performance. Skilled talent sourcers are the cornerstone of successful hiring. Our all-inclusive training program provides professionals with the indispensable techniques and knowledge to excel in this constantly changing arena. From identifying potential candidates to mastering effective engagement methods, acquire the knowledge to connect with and secure top talent.


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Elevate your career by attaining a distinguished talent sourcing certification. This training empowers you to oversee the talent search from inception to completion, ensuring consistent stakeholder involvement. Acquire the skills to attract top candidates using adept job listings and employer image-building, to deliver impeccable and unforgettable applicant journeys, to collaborate seamlessly with hiring authorities, and to establish a robust talent pool, bolstering your organization’s competitive edge.

Core areas of certification


Learn how to build perfect Boolean strings using the Universal Search Method and apply them to any database.


How to scope out talent from a wide range of social networks like LinkedIn, Facebook, and many more.

Candidate Engagement

Learn how to discover contact details for candidates you find online, as well as what to say now that you’re going to reach out to them.

Program Structure

Meet the experts

José Kadlec

José Kadlec is the Co-Founder of GoodCall and author of the best-selling book “People as Merchandise: Crack the Code to LinkedIn Recruitment”. With a background in software engineering, José turned his technical expertise to sourcing and has mastered the art of finding talent anywhere in the world.

Johnny Campbell

Johnny Campbell is a world-renowned expert and speaker on talent. As Founder and CEO of SocialTalent, Johnny works with the world’s leading organisations to shape how they hire. Johnny has trained tens of thousands of recruiters and helped shape modern recruitment.

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