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Designing great candidate & new employee experience

Learn how to create incredible candidate experiences and design onboarding for new-hires.

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Johnny Campbell - Recruitment Expert

Johnny Campbell


Holly Fawcett

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Using the principles of Design Thinking and the EPIC model developed by Chip & Dan Heath to create memorable moments, you’ll learn how to create incredible candidate experiences and design pre-boarding and onboarding for new-hires that leaves nothing to chance.


Johnny Campbell

Johnny Campbell is a world-renowned expert and speaker on talent. As Founder and CEO of SocialTalent, Johnny works with the world’s leading organisations to shape how they hire. Johnny has trained tens of thousands of recruiters and helped shape modern recruitment.

Johnny Campbell - Recruitment Expert

In this Course you’ll learn...

Candidate Control

How giving the candidate control over their experience can be effective

Setting expectations

How setting and meeting expectations is important for the candidate


How to implement these principles in your recruitment process

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