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Decoding Psychometric Assessments

Gain a better understanding of psychometric assessments.

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Nick Johnston - Recruitment Expert

Nick Johnston

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Psychometrics are scientific assessment tools that can give great insight into a candidate. However, without formal training, it is likely that your understanding may be sparse. This mission, from Nick Johnston, explains in simple terms the science behind psychometrics, and how to use them practically when assessing candidates. A great introduction to the topic or a useful refresher for those who have received training in the past.


Nick Johnston

With over 20 years experience working in HR, Nick has a deep expertise in talent. He has worked in different sectors, business models, geographies, cultures and economic climates. He uses his experience enable people and leverage technology to help business recruit better.

Nick Johnston - Recruitment Expert

Course Preview

In this Course you’ll learn...

Pyschometrics 101

Learn the basics of what psychometrics are and how they have become so important in assessing talent

Presenting Psychometric results

Learn how to confidently and effectively present psychometric results to hiring managers

Overcoming Challenges

Learn how to overcome some of the most common challenges with psychometric assessments.

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