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Interviewing and Selling Strategy

Take the lead with strategising the interview process with hiring managers.

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Talent Advising Expert John Vlastelica

John Vlastelica

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Interviews are critical in our interactions with candidates, but to get great hires we must have a great strategy. Similarly, when Hiring Managers make decisions on who to hire, strategy comes into play here too. Do we simply sit in, do we facilitate, or do we lead? Learn how to lead like a Talent Advisor, and ensure the best hire is made in every team.


John Vlastelica

With over 20 years of recruiting experience, John is a world-leading expert on interviewing, selection. His content will help you become a trusted talent advisor to your hiring managers through helping you to define a solid hiring criteria, and establish effective screening and interviewing techniques.

Talent Advising Expert John Vlastelica

Course Preview

In this Course you’ll learn...

Interview Planning

Critical frameworks for hosting and leading the Alignment meeting to prepare hiring managers for interview

Aligning the team

Strategy key points for defining our hiring bar, focus areas for interviewers and aligning our selling message

Decision Making

Core facilitation techniques for debrief sessions and decision-making, ensuring high HR compliance as well as high quality decisions

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