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The power of moments: onboarding and candidate experience

Discover how to use meaningful moments to improve your candidate experience.

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Dan Heath - Expert

Dan Heath

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Hiring processes are filled with moments of transition. These moments can be memorable, whether it is for a positive or negative reason. In this mission, Dan Heath will show you how to turn these transitions into meaningful moments to create a great onboarding and candidate experience.


Dan Heath

Dan Heath is the Co-Author of four New York Times bestsellers including “The Power of Moments”. His books have sold over 3 million copies worldwide and been translated into 33 different languages.

Dan Heath - Expert

Course Preview

In this Course you’ll learn...

Transition Moments

The importance of moments of transition during hiring and onboarding

Creating Memories

How to create meaningful moments during onboarding

Memorable Job Offers

How to make the job offer a peak moment in candidate experience

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