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21 Awesome Secret Santa Gift Ideas for Your Work Colleagues

Be the “legend” that bought them a USB tulip hub for Christmas.

1. A charging dock that turns your iPhone into a phone-phone.

2. A teeny-tiny desktop fridge.



3.  For the office Star Wars fan, a desk vacuum that looks like R2-D2.

4. A mug warmer.



5. Erasers that let you use your pencil as a sword!!!

6. A magic stapler that doesn’t even need staples.

It uses a little strip of paper to fasten your document to itself and it does so in a variety of colours. Clever!!

7. These sweet donut sticky notes.



8. Day-Glo putty that’ll clean all your electronic gadgets.

9. A desktop basketball set.

10. The cutest USB drive in the world!

11. For the nature boffin in your office, a grasshopper stapler should do the trick.

12. A Rubix Cube pen holder.

It’s also magnetic, which makes keeping track of your paper clips that bit easier.



13. One charger to rule them all!

14. #ThrowbackThursday! Cassette Tape Sticky Notes

If your colleague isn’t a donut fan, maybe they’re a child of the 80s?

15. For the those green-fingered colleagues, check out this USB Tulip Hub.

16. Importance Task Clips.

17. Perfect for interviews, calls, meetings etc. it’s the Large Monthly Planner.

18. Help the office naturalist add a touch of rustic charm to their workspace with these Lazerwood keys.

19. The accident prone colleague in your office will love you for this Drinklip Cup Holder.

No more worrying about spilling their morning coffee and frying their laptop!



20. What computer monitor wouldn’t be better if it had a set of Rabbit Ear Memo Boards?!

21. Does it get much cooler than a USB spaceman light?! 

Participating in a Secret Santa event at work can boost team morale and foster a positive work environment, which can ultimately aid in attracting and retaining top talent during the recruitment process.

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