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SkillPages - the new way to market your skills and CV - and another place to search for them

Skillpages is a Skill-based social network that enables people to find skilled people and also allow you to be found by people who need your skill. This happens to be an Irish enterprise with offices in both Dublin and Palo Alto. Their database has an “Opportunities” button, which is a way of searching for a person with a specific skill-set for a job, posting that opportunity to your connections, who in turn may refer you to people in their connections with the skills you need.

SkillPages is really simple to join, it will import your LinkedIn or Facebook profile for you to quickly set you up, and analyze your email address contacts to cross-reference their database to connect to people already on the network. You can then go about finding people with either similar skills or a skill you’re in need of for a particular role, and make contact with them.

But that’s not really why we’re looking at it – it’s because its become hugely popular (on June 13th, SkillPages announced that they had reached 1 million members in just 150 days, which is a truly significant milestone. Even Facebook took more time!) and it’s really simple to x-ray search for people with a specific skill.

Searching internally on for Skills is a bit arduous, but here’s a really simple Boolean search string for finding people with specific skills you’re looking for: (intitle:”skill 1″ OR intitle:”skill 2″ OR intitle:”skill 3″) (“location 1” OR “location 2” OR “location 3″)

So, for example, I’m looking for a software developer in Dublin Ireland – using this string with synonyms for whatever else a software developer might be called, Google finds me 98 people with a very specific skill that I’m looking for.

Just another place to x-ray search for people who are targeted and divided by Skill, rather than job title. Wonderful!

Here’s the exact string I used – try it in Google yourself! (intitle:”software developer” OR intitle:”software * developer” OR intitle:”software engineer” OR intitle:”software * engineer”) “Dublin Ireland”

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