16 Spooktacular Halloween Office Pranks

There’s just one day to go until ghosts, ghouls, vampires, werewolves and witches the world over, escape from their tombs and begin roaming the earth for 24 hours with us mere mortals. In other words, it’s Halloween tomorrow!

So in the spirit (get it?) of All Hallows Eve we thought we’d set up a little office prank to catch out some of our unsuspecting staff members as they made they way into the office yesterday morning, and while we were at it, we thought we’d show you some of our absolute favourite Halloween office pranks from around the world too.

Enjoy Recruiters and have a Fang-tastic Halloween!

What happens when you give one member of the Social Talent team 2 Go Pros and an air horn? Watch:

Simple… yet so wonderfully effective!:

This is evil! XD #spider #officepranks #arachnophobia

A photo posted by Jessie Marie (@sweet____sunrise) on


Just watch her face, it’s so incredibly priceless:

Who wouldn’t scream if they saw this?:

Little fun in the office #officepranks A photo posted by Austin Hudak (@atrain_1030) on


By the look on this guy’s face someone is getting fired… immediately:


You just got BOO’d:

You’ve Been Booed! #Officepranks #happyhalloween #wegotyou #humor ????????

A photo posted by Elisabeth Hope (@elis610) on

I dare you not to burst out laughing:


Please God tell me someone filmed the reactions of this person’s co-workers! I need that video in my life :


That’ll wake a guy up in the morning. #officepranks #gotme A photo posted by Jess Rowe (@theuselessjuan) on


This is how to REALLY piss off the office hypochondriac: 



“Hi do you have a paper clip…?” #officepranks ???? #fuckaround

A photo posted by @moshenskmz on


The lungs on yer wan!:


He’s back…:



Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow:

NEVER tell your co-workers about your deepest, darkest fears:

That’s dedication folks:


I thought that milk tasted a little off…:


They got me again ???? #officepranks #halloween A photo posted by Nathasha Loos (@vnathasha) on

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