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A Typical Friday in the Office, as Told in Gifs


TGIF. Has a more beautiful phrase ever been uttered?

7:00am – Alarm goes off…

Alarm clock

7:45am Just one more hit of the snooze button


8:30am – Coffee stop on the way to the office. Because it’s Friday, and you’re worth it.

Coffee run

9.20am: Your cubicle-neighbour asks if you have any plans for the weekend?

weekend plans

10:00am: Time for more coffee…

coffee coffee

10:30am: Just can’t deal with having to answer emails today.

No emails today

12:00pm: Unexpected staff meeting. But all you can think about is lunch…

staff meeting

1:00pm: Lunchtime! You treat yourself, because it’s Friday and you’re worth it…

Friday lunch

2:00pm Ugh. How is it only 2pm already?! Is time going backwards?

No work

2:05pm: Sure does feel like it…

clock going backwards\

2:30pm: Maybe I’ll just check my Facebook real quick…

check facebook

4:00pm: Right, better do some work…will just grab a quick coffee first.

more coffee

4:30pm: OH MY GOD….totally forgot about that report that’s due by the end of the day!


5:10pm: Must…get…this…done. Am…not…staying…late.

fast typing

5:31pm: TGIF, it’s officially the weekend!


Have a great weekend, everyone!

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