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The Biggest Retention Woes in Recruitment (Infographic)

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Recruiting ain’t easy.  According to research carried out by BMS UK, 49% of firms found it hard to recruit in 2015, with issues like vacant roles, lack of training and churn rates all contributing to the woes of recruiters.  Lack of social awareness and online employer branding were also some of the problems listed in the study, with a big emphasis on the importance of online reputation.  20% of those surveyed looked at employee LinkedIn pages to see who they would be working with, but surprisingly only 1 in 10 firms are planning on addressing reputation issues in 2016.  As part of our personal branding series on the blog, we spoke about why having an honourable reputation is everything in recruitment and what you can do to start to build your personal brand.  Judging by the findings of this particular survey, there’s still a lot of room for improvement.

Source: BMS UK
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