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TL;DR 3 Resources Every Single Recruiter in The World Should Know About

In this weeks Too Long Didn’t Read (TL;DR) we bring you three resources that we think all recruiters should add to their knowledge toolkit. We love that they’re easy to use, non-invasive, require little commitment but provide wholesome value.

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1. ERE Whiteboard Wednesdays

ERE provides so many great resources for recruiters and they should definitely be a frequent name in your inbox.

Phil Strazulla hosts Whiteboard Wednesdays, a session that breaks down large questions within the recruitment industry and finds the simple mechanisms that can help us solve the problems.

All in one short, snappy video!

You can find all of his Whiteboard Wednesday series on the NextWave Hire blog but to get you started, check out this video on cost per hire assessment.

A Simplified Way to Measure the Value of Your Recruiting | ERE

2. The Ultimate Guide to Epic Female Speakers

Spring and Summer in SocialTalent mean two things… Surprise ice-creams and events.

We have mentioned the awesomeness of Hung Lee and his Recruiting Brainfood newsletter before and now he has another epic resource for us.

In a bid to help balance the panel and speaker line up at recruitment and HR events, Hung Lee has created an open spreadsheet that lists the best female speakers in the industry.

We’re so proud our very own Holly Fawcett is mentioned! Even if you’re not an events manager this is a brilliant list if you are looking for fresh voices to follow on social media.

We love that this is an open resource and anyone can add names, share with your network and spread the good word!


3. Deloitte Insights

Deloitte Insights is one of the best sources of data-proven, insightful meaty articles relating to the workforce.

Why should you use it?

Well, you can customise the material it sends you and you can be sure it’s top quality reporting. It’s a great resource to help you outline your points when presenting to hiring managers. There are lots of visual aids and the information is detailed yet clear.

You can listen, read, watch and even participate in all of this top class material.

To get you started- have a look at the Human Capital Trends 2018 Report.


Of course, all of these are great online resources, but we all know you can’t beat the personal touch.  Join us for some live learning at our SocialTalent Community Meetups!

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