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Build a relationship and process to work effectively with Hiring Managers.

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Talent Advising Expert John Vlastelica

John Vlastelica

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In this Planning program with John Vlastelica, you’ll learn how to build effective strategies that aligns Recruiting and Hiring Managers together, using communication, effective (not restrictive) processes, and plan for speed! You’ll see soon that “try harder” is not a strategy. Our strategy starts with leading, and this means we need to show up differently to our interactions with the wider business.


John Vlastelica

With over 20 years of recruiting experience, John is a world-leading expert on interviewing, selection. His content will help you become a trusted talent advisor to your hiring managers through helping you to define a solid hiring criteria, and establish effective screening and interviewing techniques.

Talent Advising Expert John Vlastelica

Course Preview

In this Course you’ll learn...

Hiring Strategy

How to structure and lead the Kick-off meeting with hiring managers, now named the Alignment Meeting. Also, how to negotiate trade-offs and pre-close the hiring manager on the core KSA’s of the role

Communications & Process

The core communication tools to use with hiring managers and ways to establish a workable process

Hiring & Speed

How to engage hiring managers in the recruiting process so that speed and quality go hand in hand

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