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The metrics for resource & recruitment capacity planning

Discover the most effective methods of measuring recruitment success aznd their benchmarks.

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Holly Fawcett

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Most recruiting functions measure the performance of the recruiting team using metrics like cost per hire, time to fill, and a myriad of KPI’s from satisfaction scores to source of hire. However, to the rest of the business, none of these metrics mean anything to them, and therefore they’re unable to determine whether and how to invest in recruiting, and the changes needed to be able to recruit better. This mission will help you change this for good.


Holly Fawcett

Holly’s extensive experience working with global TA leaders has shaped how the world’s leading enterprises have achieved hiring maturity. Her experience in this space is unparrallelld, making her one of the most sought-after advisors on talent transformation in the world.

In this Course you’ll learn...

Effective Measures

What metrics you should actually be measuring your hiring success on

Presenting Metrics

How to present these metrics back to the business in a way they’ll take notice

Determining Recruitment Capacity

How to determine your recruiting capacity and target changes to your recruiting process to improve your performance

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