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The Specturm of Inclusion

Broaden your perspective and learn how to be more inclusive in your workplace.

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Joanna Abeyie

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Inclusion is an active process: the actions we take to work together and co-exist in our organisation’s environment is what brings out true team work, collaboration, innovation and results. However, some of the barriers to inclusion are invisible to us as we’ve never lived it. In this mission, you’ll learn from the perspectives of Inclusion Advocates and campaigners who will broaden your perspective and show you how you can include people from every walk of life.


Joanna Abeyie

Joanna Abeyie is an award winning, agenda-setting diversity champion and recruiter, social campaigner, broadcaster and journalist. She has been recognised for her services to diversity and inclusion in the creative and media industries in Britain with an MBE in 2020.

Course Preview

In this Course you’ll learn...

Paths to Success

How to introduce new ways of guaranteeing the success of diverse talent in your business

Innovative Approaches

How to embrace Diversity and Inclusion with an innovative approach and create a compelling, competitive advantage over other businesses

The Benefits of Diversity

How people with different lived experiences can help build a rich and diverse culture within your organisation.

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