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How To Educate Hiring Managers

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The role of a recruiter is changing. To reflect this and the new challenges that hiring professionals are facing SocialTalent has dedicated part of its curriculum to helping you demystify recruitment for hiring managers. Holly Fawcett kicks off this mission by giving you some insights from our 2019 Global Recruitment Survey. Check out the video and see if you agree.

Now is your opportunity to transform the hiring process in your organization. Say goodbye to misalignment and poor communication. By taking the time to educate the hiring managers in your organization you have the chance to really establish yourself as an authority in the world of hiring.

Key Takeaways

  1. Try running seminars to educate the hiring managers in your company. Instead of feeling frustration act and bring about change.
  2. Don’t assume hiring managers are fully aware of how the recruitment process works- teach them!
  3. Grow your own position- demonstrate your leadership capabilities by taking an active approach.

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