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2020 trends the hiring world needs to know

As we tiptoe towards 2020 it’s time to reflect on the hiring industry and examine the future landscape.

Johnny Campbell has worked with companies like Amadeus, AXA and Gilead to help them shape their future hiring strategies. Working with companies like these has given Johnny a front-row seat to the trends that are shaping the hiring industry in 2020.

In less than ten minutes Johnny will explain the four key trends that are impacting the hiring industry in 2020. Johnny will outline the steps companies need to take in order to rise to the top and stand out when it comes to achieving hiring excellence.

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Really!? It’s only nine minutes! Ok we believe you, here are the key highlights since you’re too busy…

There are four macro trends that will be at play in 2020

  1. Tightening labour markets
  2. Global mobility of labour
  3. Digital natives are the workforce
  4. Candidate/employee centricity

These trends will lead to six major implications for hiring professionals in 2020:

1. One Brand, one experience

If your organisation has a global presence, you already understand that you’re attracting candidates from all over the world. Candidates apply to your global organisation- not just your local company. Does your hiring experience offer a unified experience to your candidates?

2. Consumer-like hiring experience

It’s time to think outside the box. Your candidates are people who browse and search and get distracted on the internet like everyone else. Think about the other online experiences they have become accustomed to- how can you match this? (Watch the video to find out why Dominos is better at this than you are!)

3. Universal TA

Repeat after us: Process, systems and agility.

If you can’t align these three areas of your hiring process then you’re in trouble. If you have a global team then standardisation of processes, systems and agility is absolutely non-negotiable.

4. True partnership

We believe hiring is a team sport. From your recruiter to your hiring manager to your Human Resources Business Partner everybody needs access to the same training, tools and resources to guarantee success.

5. Holistic talent strategy

Play join the dots with your talent team. Can you retrain and redeploy top talent within your business? TA teams can only deal with acquiring new talent, but how can you optimise the great talent you already have?

6. Hire for global need and potential

Don’t fall into the trap of being short-sighted. Consider the organisation’s needs when hiring. What role can this candidate go on to years down the line? Don

For a full breakdown, hit play and watch that video! Now it’s time to start thinking about how you’ll use this information to set yourself up for a successful 2020?

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