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Recruiting Database Specialists with Ayub Shaikh

Ayub Shaikh of Holistica Consulting is our resident expert for all aspects of tech recruiting. After a phenomenally successful breakfast briefing, with an in-depth conversation on the tech recruiting landscape we’re delighted to announce Ayub’s latest content is now available on the SocialTalent Platform.

Ayub Shaikh presenting at the SocialTalentxNRF breakfast briefing in Dublin

Ayub has worked with the biggest names in the tech recruiting space like Cisco, Oracle and Experis. Through working with these large enterprises and agencies and RPOs like Hays and Adecco Ayub has come to understand the precise pitfalls of recruiting in this insanely competitive sector.

Our brand new content Recruiting Database Specialists has been added to our Recruiting for Tech library and is packed with everything you need to become a successful tech recruiter.

Recruiting Database Specialists

As consumers, database tech is probably not at the forefront of our minds. But it is a huge sector, which has produced some of the world’s biggest companies and created some of the worlds richest individuals. In this mission, we look at the technologies and skills that drive this industry as well as the main players and their offerings.
This course will cover:
1.1 Introduction to Database Recruiting
1.2 Database Concepts and Terminology
1.3 Building a Database: How the Roles Appear
1.4 Recruiting Database Analysts, Architects and Developers
1.5 Recruiting Production and Development DBAs
1.6 Data Warehouses Lakes and Marts
1.7 Understanding Database Security
1.8 Recruiting Oracle Candidates
1.9 Recruiting Microsoft & SQL Server Candidates
1.10 Recruiting NoSQL Candidates

What will you learn from Ayub and this course?

This course covers everything from a general introduction right down the the details that will make you stand out as a recruiter. This latest content is is the perfect compliment to our Recruting for Tech library and a brilliant next step for any ambitious tech recruiter.
This is perfect opportunity to brush up on your skills and start becoming a specialist in the world of tech recruitment. Through wathcing this course you will learn:
  • The technologies and innovations that drive database technologies, such as RDB MS, SQL and NoSQL.
  • The individuals that make up the database industry and the skills they need, such as administrators and architects
  • The main players in the industry, such as Oracle, IBM and Microsoft and the innovations that they brought to the sector

If you are interested in watching Recruiting Database Specialists and more quality content from Ayub on the SocialTalent Platform, reach out to our team for more information

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