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Reducing Time to Hire: End of Funnel Optimisation

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Reducing Time to Hire: End of Funnel Optimisation

Once you send an offer to a candidate you can pat yourself on the back and order a congratulatory pint right? WRONG, the best recruiters know that a million things can go wrong in that small window between extending an offer and having a candidate accept. Holly Fawcett explains how you can optimise the end of your recruiting funnel and reduce time to hire.

Key Takeaways

  1. Don’t be naive- sending an offer isn’t the end of the process– you need to establish what _your_ endpoint is.
  2. Are you aware of your potential hire’s notice period in their current employment? This could add on unexpected waiting time.
  3. Do you have a contingency plan if your candidate rejects your offer? Be prepared to have conversations about counter offers or renegotiating with your compensation and benefits team to make sure you are competitive in the market.We have a video library that is packed with tips to help you fine-tune your hiring process. Check it out!

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