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SocialTalent new content release: Dan Heath

Dan Heath

Our lives are measured in moments, and peak moments are the ones that endure in our memories and have lasting impact. So it makes sense to capitalize on these when it comes to improving employee and candidate experience. To guide us in doing this, we’re delighted to be welcoming a new expert into the SocialTalent family – Dan Heath.

Dan is a New York Times bestselling author, and together with his brother Chip, they wrote the now renowned book “The Power of Moments.” Using this text as the backdrop, we have collaborated to create a new program of content that will help organizations and leaders to leverage moments in order to make them meaningful. Through eight unique missions, Dan will dive into the key topics that shape experience for workers in your company. Using real stories, you will learn how to craft, and invest in, peak moments. The goal? To bolster connection, build positive engagement and enable employees to truly flourish.

Mission details:

  • An introduction to The Power of Moments
  • Onboarding and candidate experience
  • Employee engagement
  • Recognition
  • Igniting change
  • Mentoring for growth 
  • Connecting to our purpose 
  • Meetings and events


Dan Heath’s content is now LIVE on the SocialTalent learning platform. Check out a preview of it below:


And there’s more! Dan was also a recent guest on The Shortlist, our weekly talent-focused talkshow. Listen to his episode below as he dives into greater detail about the power of moments.



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