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Executive recruitment, candidate experience and DEI: SocialTalent new content release

There’s a smorgasbord of new content hitting the SocialTalent e-learning platform this month. From learning about the foundations of psychological safety and the importance of inclusive hiring practices, to fresh missions on boosting candidate experience and improving executive recruiting, you’ll be spoiled for choice!

We’re also excited to welcome two brand new speakers into our faculty of experts. Roopesh Panchasra, the Global Head of Executive Talent Acquisition at Uber, is lending us his sage knowledge on executive search. While Andrew MacAskill, a respected career coach, helps pull back the curtain to give insight into what candidates are really looking for in their jobs.

Content release

Both Andrew and Roopesh were recent guests on our weekly talent leadership talk show, The Shortlist. Be sure to check them out!

What new missions are available?

In total, we have six new missions on the SocialTalent e-learning platform this month.

  • Psychological Safety 101: The what, why and how​, with Joe Gerstandt. ​
  • Executive Recruiting: Framing the search, with Roopesh Panchasra.​
  • The Talent Broker: How to stand out as an Executive Recruiter, with Roopesh Panchasra​.
  • Inclusion Spotlight: How to build a fair interview process for disabled people​, with Yasmin Sheikh​.
  • Candidate experience: What candidates really want​, with Andrew MacAskill.
  • Candidate experience: How candidates decide their next move​, with Andrew MacAskill​.

What will I learn?

Psychological safety 

In this mission, Inclusion Strategist, Joe Gerstandt, will teach you the foundations on how to create and maintain a culture of psychological safety in your teams. Learn how leaders play a pivotal role in this, and the positive impact safety can have on employee performance and experience.

Executive recruiting

Comprising two missions with Roopesh Panchasra, here you’ll first learn about the importance of structure and early investment when it comes to executive search. Roopesh will also help you stand out in the role, enabling you to influence succession, tell compelling stories and tackle the complex world of executive compensation.

Candidate experience

Join Andrew MacAskill for two missions on how to effectively bolster candidate experience. He’ll go through the recruitment process from a potential candidate perspective to give you a competitive advantage. Learn how to leverage the personal brands of your leaders to attract better matched and more diverse talent.

Inclusive interviewing 

Learn from leading DEI expert, Yasmin Sheikh, on how to build fair interview processes for people with disability. In this mission, you’ll be given insight into the adjustments organizations need to make in order for their interview structures to become more accessible and inclusive.


These missions are all LIVE on the SocialTalent e-learning platform. Login now to jump straight in!


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