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Using Advanced Search Techniques for Talent Mapping
With José Kadlec

Did you know that your sourcing skills can be used to find more than just the talent? In this course, you’ll learn how to uncover the data and insights about the talent marketplace, which are hugely impactful for our talent strategy and help to guide us when making critical hiring decisions.

Sourcing Productivity: Using Automation in Workflows
With José Kadlec

Sourcing can swallow vast amounts of any recruiters’ day. But could you be saving time with the addition of some automation? With José’s tips on adding smart automation into your recruiting workflow, you will increase your technical fluency and save time. This will let you spend more time doing the real work of recruiting: engaging and recruiting candidates!

Sourcing for Diversity (Updated)
With Holly Fawcett

There are a multitude of practical ways you can fill your candidate pipeline, both inbound and outbound, with diverse talent. But, it takes action rather than just expecting it to happen. In this mission, you’ll learn simple techniques to improve your inbound diverse candidate attraction, and headhunting techniques for diving into diverse talent pools to make sure you’re reaching all of the talent.

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