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SocialTalent Content Release – Q4, 2022

Every month at SocialTalent we release brand new content onto our e-learning platform. The goal? To ensure that our users have access to the most up-to-date insights on all the topics that matter to them most. Informed by our solution pillars – Recruiting, Interviewing, DEI, Internal Mobility, Onboarding, and Leadership – we have partnered with renowned industry experts to create learning items that are not only engaging, but are steeped in practical, actionable advice. 

Content release

This quarter saw a big focus on our Recruiting and Interviewing Training solutions, particularly in relation to a comprehensive update to John Vlastelica’s hugely popular “Talent Advisor” missions. 

Let’s take a look back at some of the best content we launched over the last three months!

1. Talent Advisor (refresh)

Becoming a Talent Advisor is not only about selecting great talent – it’s also about being a consultative and strategic partner to your hiring managers. In this learning path, with missions by John Vlastelica and Paul Bunda, you will learn how to lead hiring conversations and make a big impact on the way you source, interview, select and sell talent.

This updated learning path teaches experienced, mid-level recruiters how to act more consultatively in their jobs and to better influence the actions and decisions made by their colleagues when it comes to hiring.

Missions that have been updated are:

  • Introduction: Meet John Vlastelica of Recruiting Toolbox and prepare to become a Talent Advisor. Define what “good” looks like and your new relationship with hiring managers.
  • Planning: “Try harder” is not a strategy! Here, you’ll learn how this initial planning phase sets up the entire hiring manager / recruiter relationship.
  • Sourcing Strategy: Learn how you can best leverage hiring managers and their networks in your sourcing strategy, involving them in the process for the best results.
  • Interviewing and Selling Strategy: Interviews are out of our hands, but we can still influence how hiring managers and interviewers assess candidates and sell the opportunity.
  • Influence: Believe it or not, how we phrase requests of Hiring Managers and HR partners can have significant effects. Learn how to influence here.
  • Being a Talent Advisor: Becoming a Talent Advisor is more than a simple job-title change, it requires us to change how we show up. Learn how to measure success here.
  • Critical Conversations with Hiring Managers: This is a new mission to the Talent Advisor learning path. Here, John Vlastelica shares the vital conversations every recruiter needs to have to deliver a Talent Advisor experience. 

2. How to decline external candidates

If you are a recruiter, one of the things you have to get good at is declining candidates post-interview. It’s not always fun, but when done right, it can actually improve candidate experience ratings and lead to long term referral networks. In this mission, John Vlastelica will talk through best practices for delivering post-interview feedback to candidates who were not selected. 

3. How to give internal candidates feedback post-interview

Internal candidates deserve more feedback post-interview, especially if they didn’t get the job. How do you, as a recruiter or hiring manager, ensure internals get the feedback they need to further develop, while also feeling good about the whole experience? There are big risks to treating your company’s employees poorly post-interview, so in this mission, John Vlastelica, will share best practices for delivering post-interview feedback that helps the candidate develop and also helps you and your company retain strong internal talent that’s seeking a new role. 

4. Growth Conversations in the Workplace, with Mo Abdullah ​

In this mission by Mo Abdullah, you will learn how to reflect on your personal and organizational Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging journey thus far. You will discover how to explore core concepts of culture, community, and belonging as you envision your DEI&B goals and values. Mo will explain the value of engaging in constructive discussions and not brushing uncomfortable situations under the rug.

SocialTalent’s e-learning platform is tailor-made to help organizations champion hiring and enable their employees to reach their full potential. To learn more, contact our team today.

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