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Finding a way, as an organization, to stand out from the crowd is a tricky task at the moment. As The Great Resignation rages on, it’s becoming clear that it’s a candidate’s market. So being able to attract top talent in a way that’s authentic is a huge imperative. Candidates want to know that the companies they apply to are trustworthy and genuine in how they treat employees and approach work. And as such, it has placed even greater emphasis on establishing the right employer brand.

Luckily, SocialTalent’s latest content release deals extensively with this topic. We are so excited to have employer branding specialist, Ed Nathanson, back on our learning platform. He has five brand new missions all dedicated to this subject and will confidently take you from the initial strategy of employer branding, right up to measuring its ROI. This comprehensive and engaging program is essential viewing. Let’s dive in a bit more!

New content

Employer branding, with Ed Nathanson

In this series of missions, Ed Nathanson illustrates the importance of employer brand and why it must be constantly curated, evolving and made a priority across all verticals. He starts by teaching you how to build and implement a successful strategy. Ed then demonstrates how to measure and report on the impact of your employer brand to show the value, ROI and get budget. Finally, you will discover the secret sauce of employee advocacy programs, turning your staff into proud brand ambassadors for your company.

The full series contains these five missions:

  1. Introduction to employer branding
  2. Building an employer branding strategy
  3. Implementing your employer brand strategy
  4. Measuring the impact of your employer brand
  5. How to build a successful employee advocacy program


Check out a preview of this content here:


Ed was also recently a guest on our weekly talkshow, The Shortlist. Check out his appearance below!

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