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All You Need to Know About Presenting to Hiring Managers

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“See what else you can find…..”

As a recruiter, you’ve more than likely heard these words before. You’ve spent weeks sourcing and screening candidates. You’ve gone above and beyond to find great candidates that not only meet the job spec, but exceed it. And you’re genuinely excited about presenting those candidates to the hiring managers. Your job is done.

You meet the hiring managers and show them the outstanding candidates you’ve found. You thank them for their time and ask them if they have any questions. And then you hear it…

“See what else you can find……”

Hang on, the candidates you’ve found are outstanding, and the hiring managers don’t even want to take them through to interview? What’s going on?

What’s going on is that you’ve counted your chickens long before they’ve hatched. Even when you’ve found game-changing candidates, your job is only half done. You now need to work hard to sell those candidates to the hiring managers.

Presenting your candidates to hiring managers is just as vital a skill as sourcing the candidates in the first place. If we believe that our job is finished once we’ve sourced the candidates, then we’re selling ourselves short as recruiters.

This is why our latest programme – Presenting to Hiring Managers – focusses on this absolutely vital, but often ignored, aspect of a recruiter’s job. We take key lessons from the worlds of advertising, sales and behavioural psychology and bring them together to form a precise and dynamic one-stop-shop for developing exceptional presentation skills.

The good the bad and the ugly

Source : Showclix

For example, have you ever thought about why the film title, The Good, The Bad and the Ugly is so memorable? Or have you ever wondered why are so many nursery rhymes based on the number three? It might surprise you to know that underlying the answers to these seemingly random questions is a principle that you can easily apply to your presentations to deliver maximum impact.

Or, what can you learn about human behaviour from selling jam? Quite a lot it turns out. In 2001 Professor Sheena Iyengar from Columbia Business school conducted the now famous “Jam Experiment”. Which looked at the factors influencing how easy it was for people to make decisions. We’re going to show you how to apply the findings of this experiment to your presentations, so you can increase the number of your candidates being brought through to interview.

It also might never have occurred to you that there are four distinct types of audience when it comes to presenting. And that each type of audience prefers a particular style of presentation. Give them the wrong style and you risk boring them, or even worse – irritating them. We’ll show you how to correctly identify what type of audience you’re presenting to, and we’ll show you how to tailor your presentation to that audience.

We’ll also show you how to channel your inner Don Draper and wow your hiring managers with some advertising inspired magic. If there’s an industry that knows a thing or two about selling its work, it’s the advertising industry.

So if you’ve ever heard those dreaded words – “see what else you can find”, or if you’ve ever had some outstanding candidates slip frustratingly through the cracks. Then make sure you check out our latest programme, so you never leave a good candidate behind.

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