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The Roundup: 10 Buzzwords That Make Peoples Skin Crawl

Business and industry terms can be confusing, as can the slang. Buzzwords on the other hand. Well…you either love them or hate them. I’ve watched people shudder due to people throwing in a buzzword or two in to their sentence. For me,  I’ve never understood why people can’t just use normal English. Plain and simple. It’s good to be creative and abstract, but sometimes I’m left scratching my head.

Personally,  I don’t buy into making something more complicated than it has to be. Call a spade a spade and for heavens sakes stop saying “blue-style thinking”. Anyway, rant over, let’s cut to the chase. Glassdoor have released a list of the most irritating office buzzwords used in the UK, surveying over 2,000 workers. Looks like I’m not the only one who dislikes corporate jargon.

So which phrases are making employees skin crawl? What clichés are being chronically overused?

And The Most Annoying Buzzwords Are…

  1. Touch base – 24%
    To meet in person and talk about a specific issue
  2. Blue Sky Thinking – 21%
    Creative thinking that breaks away from confined, ordinary ideas
  3. We’re On a Journey – 13%
    Suggesting a team has not reached its mission but is on its way
  4. Game Changer – 13%
    Something that dramatically changes assumptions about how things are done
  5. No-brainer – 13%
    Something immediately obvious or irrefutably a good idea
  6. Thought Shower – 11%
    A meeting to freely discuss new ideas in their early stages
  7. Run It Up The Flagpole – 11%
    To trail or present an idea to see what kind of reaction it gets
  8. If You Don’t Like It Get Off The Bus – 10%
    Suggestion that someone should just leave a company if they’re not happy
  9. Mission Statement – 10%
    An assertion of values an motivations with regard to a company and its work
  10. Pick It Up And Run With It – 10%
    Continuing with a project that was started by someone else


If this jargon is used in your industry, them maybe it might be worth having a look over!

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