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10 Books Recruiters Absolutely Must Read for a Successful 2019

At a time when lists are being made and resolutions are being sworn, we wanted to help you out with one of the most popular New Year’s resolutions of all time. We want to help you read more! Last year 18% of survey respondents said they wanted to make an effort to read more in 2018- and studies show it’s high on the list for 2019 too.

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We have compiled the top 10 books that we feel will help recruiters become more well rounded and lead to a successful 2019. The beauty of these books is that they aren’t solely focused on recruitment. Give yourself time to learn about wider concepts and cherry pick lessons from other industries to help you think outside the box in your own work.

In no particular order let’s see what top picks Johnny Campbell has recommended for a successful 2019

(Remember a lot of these books are available to listen too as well- so don’t be put off by lack of time and big page numbers- pop in those earphones)

1. Why We Sleep

Why We Sleep by Matthew WalkerThis book topped the New York Times bestseller list and it’s easy to see why. Many of us have a love/hate relationship with sleep. We understand the benefits but don’t always make time for it. It’s safe to say we know how it feels to feel like we’re running on empty.

Matthew Walker’s book will help you understand the importance of sleep and teach you how to unlock a new you, bursting with potential, through sleep. Read this book to answer all the questions you never knew you had about sleep and how it can change the way you live!

This book has been an international success and comes widely reccommended by anyone who has read it.

Why We Sleep is available to buy on Amazon, Kindle and Audible

2. The Business Blockchain

The business blockchain

The Business Blockchain is the ultimate manual for those who want to learn more about the revolutionary phenomenon.f

It’s one this being able to recite the definition of blockchain (when a confused parent asks at Sunday dinner) but it’s quite another to understand how it is applied and functioning in today’s working world. William Mougayar has been described as “the most sophisticated blockchain thinker” so he’s exactly who you want to guide you through your understanding.

This might be a bit heavy going for some but it’s a great place to start for all things Blockchain.

The Business Blockchain is available to buy on Amazon, Kindle and Audible

3. Bullshit Jobs

Bullshit jobs

Not a day goes by without me squinting at my screen in confusion. Usually, it’s when I’m perusing LinkedIn and something has caught my eye… Something along the lines of “Wizard of Lightbulb moments”.

David Graeber’s bold book dives into the phenomenon of meaningless jobs and the consequences they have on the individual- and corporate society at large.

With an emphasis on the importance of creativity and compassion when it comes to work, this book will help you realise what drives the most valuable work in our society.

Bullshit Jobs is available to buy on Amazon, Kindle and Audible

4. Robopocalypse

Robopocalypse by Daniel H. Wilson

As a novel, this book offers a fresh perspective on the evolution of tech and how closely it has become intertwined with our work and personal lives.

Daniel H. Wilson taps into the dependence we feel towards technology and tells a story that is bound to have you thinking twice before you reach for your phone again.

The perfect book for fans of Black Mirror and those who love a bitta spooky realism and what if

“Alexa, order Robopocalypse”

Robopocalyse is available on Amazon and Kindle

5. Thinking in Bets

Thinking in Bets by Annie Duke

No matter how much knowledge we have it never seems like enough when the time comes to make big decisions.

Annie Duke is a business consultant who taps into her skills as a former professional poker player to help people call the big shots when necessary.

The book reveals that even the best decisions don’t always have the best outcomes and there’s an element of luck that nobody can control. Duke helps you get comfortable with fact and make smarter decisions, even when you don’t have all the facts.

Tip: At the time of writing this book is FREE on Audible- check it out!

Thinking in Bets is available on Amazon, Kindle and Audible

6. Do You Talk Funny?

Do you talk funny by David Nihill

The idea of public speaking sends shivers down many spines. What if you mess up, fall over, say the wrong name, bore people… The list of tragic possibilities seems endless.

David Nihill felt exactly the same way and decided to change it. Spending a year as a comedian and speaking at comedy clubs, gigs and festivals as possible to try and conquer his fear of public speaking.

This book is an absolute must for anyone who wants to learn how to become a better storyteller, to engage with audiences and in general, talk to people in the best way possible.

Tip: At the time of writing this book is FREE on Audible- check it out!

Do You Talk Funny is available on Amazon, Kindle and Audible

7. When: The Scientific Secrets of Perfect Timing

When by Daniel H. PinkDaniel Pink is a much-loved author in SocialTalent, we’re longtime fans for a good reason!

His new book delves into the belief that timing is everything and equips you with the science to deliver precisely when it matters. It promises to be as influential as his previous book Drive and To Sell is Human

.Essential reading for anyone who wants to perform better in any area of their life. Pink leverages biology, psychology and economics to highlight how you can get better results in tests, make bigger impressions when speaking, even when you should quit your job!

When is available on Amazon, Kindle and Audible

8. Deep Work

Deep Work by Cal Newport

Phones buzzing, notifications flashing, constant refreshing, one more tab open… it all sounds a bit too familiar, doesn’t it?

Cal Newport delivers rules to live by that will help you switch off and get work done when it really matters. Learn to work without being distracted by the minutia of everyday life and watch how you will reap the benefits of committing to focused work. This book is a helpful guide without lecturing the reader

This book is perfect for New Year’s resolutions and unleashing a new and more productive you in your professional career.

Deep Work is available on Amazon, Kindle and Audible

9. Irresistible

Irresistible by Adam Alter

What is it that makes our phones so addictive? They give us access to friends and family so we can share the most important times of our lives and yet they also trap us in a constant cycle of scrolling and absently minded clicking.

Psychologist Adam Alter reveals why we are so easily enslaved by social media and constant communication and how it can have a negative impact on our relationships, sleep and ability to concentrate.

An interesting read that follows neatly on from Deep Work, Why We Sleep and Robopocalypse!

Irresistible is available on Amazon, Kindle and Audible

10. The Diversity Bonus

The Diversity Bonus by Scott. E PageThis book is one of our top picks of the year. In fact, we made it our Christmas gift this year!

It’s a well-known fact that diverse teams perform better and are more creative than less diverse teams.

Diversity in the place is more than a gender quota. Cognitive diversity is the future of success and Page’s book reveals the powerful influences that diversity can have, in society and in the work place

Tip: At the time of writing this book is FREE on Audible- check it out!

The Diversity Bonus is available on Amazon, Kindle and Audible

Bonus:  The Talent Fix

The Talent Fix by Tim Sackett

The New Year has put us in a generous mood so we want to gift you with one more reading recommendation- specifically for talent professionals.

We were lucky enough to chat to Tim Sackett last year about the release of his book and we can wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone who wants to become a leader in the recruitment world.

Tim Sackett uses his experience as an agency recruiter, turned corporate consultant then founder of his own agency to help you understand the balance between talent acquisition, HR and company success.

The Talent Fix is available on Amazon and Kindle


That list is more than enough to get you started! We reccommended Amazon as the place to buy your books because they cater to all types of readers and listeners but of course, the books are widely available. We love the Book Depository as they have no shipping charges, or simply order these books from your local bookshop!

For a library of ebooks check out the SocialTalent Ebook collection– available to download completely free of charge!

Happy Reading!

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