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10 Hilarious Sales Memes That Every Salesperson Will Understand

Everyone knows that working in sales is a stressful job. Whether its ridiculous sales targets or difficult customers, sales professionals can be pushed to the edge on a regular basis. Sometimes, you just need to laugh it off and forget your worries Laughter is the best medicine for any human, no matter how difficult the situation might be. Humour can play a big part in the sales process, with many a salesperson turning to a bit of tongue and cheek to drive home their sale.

Today, we dedicate this post to all the salespeople who use humour in their sales process. Here’s 10 hilarious memes that will bring a smile to all the sales professionals out there. This one’s for you!

1. The tenacious young newbie

2. You gotta start somewhere!

3. We all know that one customer who tests your patience

4. Who said working in sales was a stressful job?

5. Some customers….eh?

6. That unrealistic target…

7. Every little helps!

8. One word….Commission $$$

9. The end of the month can be a right struggle

10. Let me have my lunch in peace!

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