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12 Beautifully Simple Resume Designs You’ll Want To Steal

Figuring out how to stand out in the job search is crucial. The amount of time a recruiter spends looking at your resume is roughly six seconds – the length of a Vine video – so catching that recruiter’s eye is key to your success as an applicant. “Visual design is a great way to differentiate yourself from other job candidates,” says Dodd Caldwell, cofounder of Loft Resumes. “Design in general is increasingly important in the business world.”

And he’s right. Companies are always looking for candidates who will go the extra mile and, as your resume is literally your first point of contact, it is the best way to show what you can bring to the party immediately, and get yourself in the “yes” bucket.

When TheLadders conducted a recruiter eye-tracking study on resumes last year, they found that recruiters spent 80% of their time looking at the following 6 data points:

  1. Name
  2. Current title and company
  3. Previous title and company
  4. Current start and end dates
  5. Previous start and end dates
  6. Education

Therefore, when looking to create a winning resume, the key is to keep these important data points clear. Loft Resumes recommend that the best way to do this is by utilising a hierarchy structure that presents information in a way that is easy to find and digest. Which is exactly what the following resumes do (and then some).

What you’re about to witness are 12 of the most striking, yet incredibly simple resume templates from around the web, any recruiter would be delighted to have grace their desk. So if you’re tired or Times New Roman and bored of bullet points, sit back and enjoy twelve beautifully simple, yet utterly effective resume designs you’ll want to steal immediately:

1. Multi-coloured

2. Subtle watercolour

3. Orange is the New Black

4. Twin Lollies

5. A Touch of Pink

6. Zest Injection


This is a template you can also purchase from Etsy.

7. Teal Zeal


Get the free template here.

8. Mint Magic

Note: It’s best not to include photos on your resume as it may distract recruiters from looking at more relevant data, so if you decide to copy this template, lose the photo.

9. Monochrome

10. What’s in a name?

11. Headlines


Anneleen Maelfeyt from Herfstmensje for Pieter Baert / Via

12. Totally Dotty


Get the template here.

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