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20 of the Most Annoying Things Your Co-Workers Do


Co-workers. You’ve just gotta love them. Without them, who would we share the daily coffee run with, or have deep and meaningful conversations about the latest ‘Game of Thrones’ episode with? The reality is that after you leave school/college, most of the friends that you make as an adult are more than likely the ones that you met at work. But we’re not here to get all mushy and sentimental. We’re here to talk about all of the ‘make you want to pull your hair out’ habits your co-workers display on a daily basis. Because let’s face it…everyone’s annoying in their own unique way (or in this case, twenty unique ways…)

1. The co-worker that doesn’t stop typing when they’re talking to you…


2. The co-worker that insists on eating scrambled eggs for breakfast every morning…at their desk.


3. The co-worker that’s never heard of personal space.

personal space

4. The co-worker that doesn’t know how to tell a quick story… 

life story

5. The one that always feels the need to say ‘I just sent you an email’.


6. The co-worker that asks what you brought in for lunch…every single day


7. Or ‘What’s that?’ when you’re trying to eat it in peace…

8. The loud typer.

loud typing

9. The loud phone talker.

10. The co-worker that has taken to collecting mugs on their desk rather than just putting them in the dishwasher.


11. The co-worker who has no problem taking personal calls…


12. Or letting the junk on their desk edge over onto your pristine one. 


13. The co-worker that always needs to know what everyone’s talking about.

none of your business

14. That one co-worker that always has something to complain about.


15. The ear-picker (shudder…)

16. The one that’s always out sick.

sick co workers

17. The deodorant-sprayer…

gas mask

18. The air-conditioner drill sergeant.

19. The window drill sergeant (when there’s no air-conditioning, obvi)

can't breathe

20. The co-worker that sings loudly to the music playing through their headphones.


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