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2018'S Most Recruited Roles According To LinkedIn

It’s that time of the year! Time to look back on the most recruited roles and see what we can learn from this year in recruitment.

Competition in the recruiting world is fierce, especially when new trends in tech and business effect the kinds of candidates being hired. Analysing data relating to recruitment and hiring can be one of the most beneficial tools for success a recruiter can have. It allows for reflection on recruitment practices that are going well (as well as some going not-so-well), and more importantly, encourages us to forecast potential trends

By analysing the users who received the most in-mails from recruiters, LinkedIn has identified the most sought-after candidates and roles in 2018. The full report is an extensive analysis of LinkedIn’s data which breaks down the most recruited jobs by both industry and function.

Technical Recruiters and HR

In human resources, it’s the technical recruiter roles which have come out on top. LinkedIn’s report has revealed that the top roles in HR for 2018 have been the roles of technical recruiters, recruiting coordinators, and HR business partners. It is also reported that these roles are most often sought in the areas of New York City, San Francisco, and Hyderabad, India.

HR roles are considered some of the most difficult to fill, from developing the job description through the hiring process. Recruiters and HR managers will have a huge impact on all future hires in a company, and so it is essential that care and attention are given to the process of hiring for these roles.

Sales roles and company culture

As long as there is business, there are sales. Finding the perfect salesperson for a business is no easy task, but a good recruiter will understand that looking at soft skills, as well as experience, will increase their chances of finding the right person for the role.

With that in mind, LinkedIn’s report has found that the most sought-after roles in sales are those of enterprise account executives, sales development representatives and senior sales engineers.

The report also revealed that a positive company culture and working environment is among the biggest draws for top salespeople, so it may, therefore, be of benefit to frame a job pitch around the aspects of the company which encourage a positive working environment.

Engineers and proactive recruiting

Given that software engineers are among the most passive candidates globally, it is essential that recruiters, sources and TAs reach out to in order to fill these roles. In 2018, it was the role of DevOps Engineer which was most frequently sought, with Front-End Engineers following in second.

The third most popular engineering role was that of a cloud architect. The report revealed that people in these roles are 13% less likely to reach out with an application, and are therefore more likely to respond to proactive recruiting techniques.

Beyond tradition

Beyond the talent acquisition data reported, LinkedIn also outlined some key takeaways and insights into the results of the report. Recruiters need to be prepared with the skills for approaching non-traditional talent. Tactics for attracting this kind of talent are outlined and include exploring alternative talent pools (accelerated training programs or boot camps, local community colleges, and community organisations). Recruiters also have resources available to help them find and connect with this non-traditional talent. They may partner with a variety of non-profits dedicated to sourcing talent who might be overlooked in traditional recruiting.

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