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How to Take a Job Order Like a Pro

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How to Take an Effective Job Order Qualification

Greg Savage knows exactly what it takes to become a skilled agency recruiter. He breaks down a task that can be a hidden weakness- taking job order qualifications. Take Greg’s advice and put yourself in the driving seat when it comes to job orders.

Key Takeaways

Now you’re armed with a new perspective when you enter the next job order qualification meeting with a client. Keep these quick reminders to hand:

  1. Ask questions. Challenge the client during the process to get to the real core of the role they are hiring for
  2. It’s your job to manage client expectations. Nobody knows better than you what the talent market is like. Share your knowledge with the client so you can succeed in filling the role and they can be satisfied with the hire.
  3. Approach job orders from a consulting point of view. Learn to influence and coach your clients and it will stand to you in the long run

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