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This is How The Internet Thinks Recruitment Works

Stock images- the ultimate love/hate relationship. They can help us bring posts to life and catch the attention of readers as they swiftly scroll through a packed timeline. They can also make us slowly lose the will to live…

In my many hours of sifting through Shutterstock we’ve seen plenty of examples of photographs that make us wince- we’ve collected some of the best recruitment related stock photography around.

attracting passive candidatesHiring involves turning on your giant candidate magnet and voilà you have 7 clones in an instant.


Recruitment involves everyone picking a potential candidate to fight to the death for a job


Can’t wait to tell candidates they can update their resumes with one simple click. So much easier than the old way of carefully crafting keywords and skills.


HR is all about deciding who you would like “the claw” to pick out of the cogs of bizznizz life.

Some managers use laptops, tablets or mobile phones… Not the Risk Assesment managers on Shutterstock

If your team isn’t willing to put their lives on the line for you and your laptop well then frankly you’re teamworking wrong.

Don’t you love when it’s bonus time and you’re presented with a giant box of money?

Nothing more relaxing than spilling a load of coffee on the ground and calmly writing benign messages in it during your break

When a professional disagreement turns into an umbrella duel

Here’s an accurate representation of my understanding of the things…

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