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The Most Popular SocialTalent Webinars of 2017

We’ve been busy throughout the year bringing you the latest content and insights to improve you as recruiters and sales professionals. With so many great webinars to choose from, it was hard to narrow it down to just 5 webinars. Thankfully, we had your fantastic input as always to help us choose the very best of 2017.

We focused on topics that included how to improve candidate care and what you need to do to ensure your candidate was treated fairly. We also cast our eye over recruitment and artificial intelligence, looking at how recruiters can future-proof their jobs. Sure the robots are coming, but the humans are here to stay! So without further adieu, here are the most popular SocialTalent webinars of 2017, and please excuse Johnny’s singing! If you would like to view each webinar individually, then just check the list below!

1. 2017 Global Recruiting Survey Results

2. The Importance of Social Media to Brand Reputation & TA

3. Recruiting Funnel Optimisation 

4. Social Selling 101- How to Engage With Today’s Digital Buyer

5. Artificial Intelligence and How to Future-Proof Your Job as a Recruiter

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