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Recruitment Technology You NEED to Watch Out For in 2018

Recruitment automation software has grown massively in 2017, with this trend expected to expand even more in 2018. The way in which recruiters and HR managers source talent is changing and traditional methods have become a thing of the past. The simple fact is if you’re not up to scratch in your tech, then there’s a good chance you’ll end up falling behind the rest who are. Many of today’s workers fear that their jobs will be taken by a robot. And in some industries, this will certainly be the case. Today, companies are looking for new and innovative ways to reduce their labour costs and technology seems to have all the answers.

However, it’s not all doom and gloom for the workers of today. Technology will ultimately help us become smarter and more productive workers. The question is how will you grasp each new piece of technology? With the right training on offer, there’s no doubt that the workforce of today will strive and benefit from the various technologies of today. Here, we take a look at what technology will further expand its footprint in 2018, as well as what to keep an eye out for in the future.

AI Will Drive Relationship Building Within The Workplace

One major plus for businesses is that mundane tasks will be replaced. A time will come where machines and robots will take on these time-consuming tasks. This means humans can focus on more important aspects of their work, allowing them to improve co-worker relationships within the process. This is especially the case for people within the sales and recruitment world. With the help of AI recruiters and sales professionals will be able to spend less time searching for leads, and instead, allow machines the to do the job instead.

Bullhorn’s Mike Restivo said, “For the companies that embrace radical transparency and company-wide adoption, tools like automated data capture and predictive analytics will become the foundation of a new customer-centric culture,“. Time is one of the most valuable aspects of any business, and as the old saying goes – Time is money! Having a machine automatically generate information, will drive productivity within any team and thus allow them to work smarter. Although for AI to work without any hitches, it’s important that no corrupted data is used. To ensure accurate data capture, management has a duty to upskill their staff so they understand the benefits of what this technology can do for them.

Automated Machines Improving Candidate Experience

An organisation’s candidate experience is directly associated with their employer brand. A poor candidate experience can spread like wildfire, which can very often be the downfall of one’s reputation. One bad experience could discourage candidates from applying for any future jobs you may have advertised. An important aspect of a business or recruiter is to promote talent and to get them knocking on your door. Chatbots have become even more apparent on recruitment and agency websites, and it’s proving to be a hit with candidates.

83% of candidates said they would never apply for a job again after a bad candidate experience. In addition, According to CareerBuilder’s data, 67% of jobseekers reacted positively to being consistently updated throughout the application process.  This is quite simply down to the fact that chatbots keep candidates engaged. Furthermore, if applicants have a question or are in need of assistance then an automated response can facilitate them. This means recruiters can free up the time to close more important deals.

Bots have the ability to multi-task and scan through thousands of resumes, giving chance to more candidates making their way through your talent pipeline.However, bots have not fully evolved and will need time to understand the culture in a company. This technological evolution is growing, but it’s a finished product quite yet.

Marketing Automation Will Improve

AI will have a significant impact for marketers now and into the future. Based on a recent survey from Demandbase, out of a list of 500 marketing executives from 250 firms, 80% of them believe that AI will revolutionise marketing by 2020. Understanding how to properly utilise AI and its automated data is essential for marketing execs to learn right away. Otherwise, they’ll be at risk later on down the line and will struggle to fully compete with competitors.

Month on month, year on year – Artificial intelligence is set to improve. And if marketing folk aren’t using automated campaigns then they will be missing out in the long-run. For now, humans determine how the process works, but that is set to change as AI technology improves. With accurate data, the speed of the decision-making process will rapidly increase with the help of smart machines. With AI in charge, opportunities and important information are less likely to slip through the cracks, something that can often come down to human error. In addition, Artificial Intelligence will prove to be a huge disruptive factor, with startups predicted to overtake major corporations with disruptive business solutions.


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