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Recruitment training 101: SocialTalent content release

Recruiters have never been more in demand. Following on from the peak of the pandemic and the effects of The Great Resignation last year, organizations are looking to scale and backfill open positions as quickly as possible. So much so that according to, the number of jobs in the Talent Acquisition space have risen by an incredible 420% since the back end of 2021!

Recruitment training Recruitment training content

The war for talent is well and truly here. And it’s recruiters who will feel the brunt of this, battling to attract and hire employees at an ever-increasing rate. But what if hiring recruiters wasn’t the only avenue for success on this front? A lot of the key, transferable skills needed to be an effective recruiter can be found in a litany of other professions. With just a bit of upskilling on the fundamentals, organizations can effectively develop their own pool of recruiting talent! And SocialTalent can help with this!

In our latest content release we have developed five complete missions to enable both new and novice recruiters to get up to speed on the most important elements of the job. Delivered by SocialTalent’s Director of Content, Holly Fawcett, along with our Senior Instructional Designer, Irene Villar, this content breaks down the important steps in the hiring process to set fledgling recruiters up for success. 

Check out the list of missions below:

  • Welcome to your new career in recruiting
  • The journey of a requisition
  • The stakeholders in hiring
  • Candidate sourcing 101 for non-sourcers
  • Data Integrity as a Recruiter

What else is new on the SocialTalent platform?

Empathy-based remote onboarding: An IBM case study, with Anjana Sreedevi​

After her insightful appearance at SocialTalent Live: Onboarding in a remote world, IBM’s Onboarding Design and Delivery Global Leader, Anjana Sreedevi, has created an entire mission based on this topic. Here, she details how IBM shifted into a remote onboarding process during the COVID-19 pandemic, but rather than simply virtualizing the existing structure, they redesigned the experience by driving a people-centric approach and prioritizing personalization.

Diverse perspectives on hiring: Race and neurodiversity, with Lucy Sheen​

We were lucky enough to have actress and advocate, Lucy Sheen, as a recent guest on our weekly talk-show, The Shortlist. Touching on what she spoke about here in relation to the rise of anti-Asian sentiment, in this mission Lucy shares her experiences with discrimination based on race and neurodiversity in her professional life. This content sits in the “Diverse perspectives on hiring” program, led by Torin Ellis.

Check out Lucy’s appearance on The Shortlist:

These missions are all now LIVE on the SocialTalent e-learning platform. Click here to login and get straight to learning!

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