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Recruitng for Roles in the Pharmaceutical Sector

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Introduction to Pharma for Recruiters

The pharmaceutical industry can seem daunting to people who are unfamiliar with its processes and jargon. As a recruiter, it seems like you are expected to understand the complete structure of the industry from day one so you can find the best possible candidates. SocialTalent has recorded a whole course on recruiting for Life Science positions. In this preview, Johnny Campbell provides an overview of the structure and departments in the Pharma industry.

Key Takeaways

This video is a great place to start if you’re new to the pharma industry. There’s still lots more to learn (and we have the videos to help) but these key points will help

  1. Quality management is key to the pharma industry. This ensures that an organization, product or service is consistent.
  2. Production and manufacturing are the most common roles in the pharma sector The number of people in sales, finance, marketing roles etc are traditionally a lot smaller in pharmaceutical companies.
  3. Make quick notes of all the ‘jargon’ and stick them somewhere you can check quickly- pretty sure you’ll know them off by heart!


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