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The Roundup: LinkedIn's Head of Talent Solutions on Recruiting For Longevity

This week on The Roundup, we listen to some top advice from Jon Addison, Head of Talent Solutions UK on how to recruit for longevity. Make sure you join us for The Roundup every Monday, so you can catch up on the latest news in the recruitment industry.

Recruiting For The Long-Term

Recruiting is a difficult skill to get right. What’s even more difficult, is to determine if your candidate will stay on for the long-term. Finding new employees can be tiresome and time consuming, with many sometimes rushing the hire of their candidate just to get someone in the door and started. Never rush a hire. Always ensure that you are hiring quality that fits your businesses needs.

Furthermore, if you’re rushing the hire and your candidate doesn’t end up happy in their role, it can damage your brands reputation further on down the line. This could deter other candidates from applying to future roles. John Addison, Head of Talent Solutions at LinkedIn believes that it’s important for the employee to feel like they’re being challenged;

“The top reason why British professionals stay with their existing company is access to opportunities to challenge themselves or improve their skills,” He further elaborated saying “It is vital that recruiters use the interview process to understand what it is that a candidate really wants to achieve from a role, as ensuring that there are opportunities for them to meet their ambitions in the company they are matched to will undoubtedly impact their longevity after accepting an offer.” 

Addison also stressed the importance of a work-life balance in an employees life, and pointed to the increasing amount of employers offering more flexibility to their workers. Having a work-life balance is not only important for you personal health, but it can also improve the efficiency in work. The aim is to be as productive as you can and having a work-life balance can enable you to be better at the work you do.

Poor company leadership was also one of the main reasons UK workers went in search for a job elsewhere. Addison advises companies to promote their leadership and their business on social channels saying “Social media and LinkedIn company pages are great ways of doing this, especially in global organisations where employees may not have daily face-to-face access to management,”


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