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Selling To Millennials: How To Make Your Product Shine

If you’re looking for a generation that change their mind by the minute – then millennials are for you! Selling to millennials is no easy task! They’ve built up quite a reputation for being somewhat disloyal, especially when it comes to the job front. A similar thing was said about millennials and their loyalty to certain brands. This is actually far from the truth. Over 50.5% believe that they are loyal to their brand names. Millennials are in fact becoming more wealthy, and that wealth is something that every business wants.

So it goes without saying that grabbing the attention of this millennial group is important, but how do businesses go about it? How do they go about targeting them? Businesses are now changing their advertising techniques and targeting methods. Gone are the days of traditionalist advertising, where your ad in the paper will suffice. Things aren’t so easy anymore! Here, we look at 3 ways in which you can make your product stand out and shine to the millennial generation.

1. Don’t Just Sell To Them – Offer a Solution

A lot of companies over emphasise the sale of their product and nothing but the product. Clear your mind for a moment and let’s take a different approach here. You are selling them a solution that will improve their lives for. Millennials know how to use Google, and if you start going on a rant of being the best in the world, then a simple Google search could just say otherwise. Take their pain points into account when doing this.

Someone doesn’t buy a cough bottle because it looks good. They buy a cough bottle because it will get rid of their cough. Getting rid of their cough is the solution sell. Millennials need to be convinced. It’s your job to prove to them that your product works, and if you manage to do that you’ll see a return. Be more creative in your approach when trying to make that sale. A simple ‘Buy Now’ or ‘Click Here’ won’t suffice, and you’ll ultimately end up pushing them further away from your product. Engage with them on their level.

2. Short and Sweet Will Work a Treat

You want to present your product in a truly engaging way. Short and snappy will make your customer happy, as long you’re getting to the point. Millennials have a habit of ‘switching off’ and not paying attention depending on what way you’re communicating with them. It’s important to know where millennials are ‘hanging out’. Once you know where they’re hanging out you can then engage with them through the proper medium.

Again, it’s important to be informative as well as to the point. A quick and snappy pitch will turn their heads and get them interested. As with any company, they could talk about their product all day if they needed to. They would tell the the in’s and the out’s of the product. A millennial however, couldn’t really care less about that. They want as much information in as little time possible, so be short and concise. Use power points that will capture their attention to get them really interested into what you’re selling.

3. Know Where Millennials Hang-Out

We would all love a budget to run an advertisement on the TV or radio. However, in reality, that’s simply not the way. With millennials, it doesn’t really matter if you’re not on TV or the radio. Why? Because they aren’t there, they are everywhere but there. Millennials are everything online and are tech savvy, so jotting down what modes of communication they are using is important. When conducting a study, The Centre For Generational Kinetics found that millennials are more prone to using these modes of communication over any others. These include:

  • Email
  • Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc)
  • Phone Calls
  • In Person

Draw up a content marketing plan and across each of these modes of communication, using language that appeals them. Each of these modes require different types of communication, so make sure that you know them inside out!



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