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The Shortlist with Bryan Adams and Graeme Johnson: A Recap

Is now a good time to hire great talent? Or will it be difficult to get talent to move?

Johnny Campbell, CEO and founder at SocialTalent was joined by Bryan Adams, CEO and Founder at Ph Creative and Graeme Johnson, Director of Resourcing, Talent & Development at GVC Group to discuss how to effectively manage your talent strategy in the current environment and why employer brand has never been more important.


Notable points

  • 15m: Why there’s a huge opportunity and strategic value for companies to be transparent and even vulnerable to attract great talent
  • 20m 30s: How have companies’ employer brand and talent strategies been affected?
  • 23m: Will the crisis lead to a change in performance management and the way we evaluate people? Will leadership trust and let go control of people to work flexibly and remotely post Covid 19?
  • 24m 30s:  Is it the right time to do employer branding? Who is employer branding for? You have one whether you like it or now – is yours fit for purpose?
  • 27m: How can an employer brand strategy be converted to an action plan?
  • 33m 50s: Has the new world opened up the talent market? Can you now look anywhere in the world?
  • 38m 50s: What are the top tips from Bryan and Graeme for recruiters from an employer brand perspective in this time?

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