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You Need This Advanced Sourcing Trick For Google

Advanced sourcing on google

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How reverse engineering URLs can help you find awesome candidates

Have you ever stumbled across a web page and thought “I wish I could find more pages like this”? Johnny Campell has a neat little trick that will help you uncover candidate profiles that match exactly what you’re looking for.

Key Takeaways

Now you have the potential to change any website into its own search engine. This is a great trick that works really well when you want to create a list of profiles that follow a certain pattern. Here are three important points to remember

  1. The URL is the key element in this sourcing trick, reverse engineer the URL to find more candidate profiles that follow the pattern you’re looking for.
  2. Turn any site into its own search engine and use it to x-ray search the site for potential candidates
  3. Play around with keywords to refine your search, don’t be discouraged by 404 error pages, it’s all part of experimenting to find the perfect people!

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