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10 Comical Cartoons That Every Salesperson Will Understand

Working in sales can be stressful business at times. Every salesperson can relate to biting their tongue on more than one occasion out of pure frustration.¬†From tricky customers to painstakingly long meetings, sometimes life can be tough *sigh* – Not to mention when you’ve no more clean suits to wear (arrrrghhh). The sales game isn’t made for everyone. You need to have thick skin, and just be an all round badass. Here, we cast an eye over some hilarious cartoons that perfectly illustrate the day in a life of a salesperson.

1. Rule No.1: Always keep eye contact

2. A good salesperson never looks like they’re selling anything at all!

3. Unrealistic quotas adding to your woes

4. Those dreaded monthly sales meetings

5. Or that dreaded decline that no one wants to know about


6. When people just don’t get your product. That, or your product plain out sucks

7. Entering the lion pit after a poor quarter

8.Too many chefs…

9. When you haven’t the slightest clue what you’re selling

10. Sometimes you’re remembered for all the wrong reasons…

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