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10 Feelings That Come With Having An Office Fish

office fish

Fish are simple creatures, they swim and have scales and that’s about the grand sum of their achievements (safe to say I’d make a pretty boring episode of Blue Planet).

An office fish is no ordinary fish. No normal fish could make us feel the range of emotions that an office fish can. Anyone who has gone through the perils of working in an office that gets a fish will immediately identify with these steps.

1. Ask your boss for a fish, you promise to look after it.

2. WOOOOO! Office fish!

3. What to call it?


4. Who feeds it?

5. When the tank needs to be cleaned…

6. Why did we think this was a good idea?

7. How long do fish usually live for?

8. I could make it look like an accident…

*when the fish eventually goes to the big sea in the sky*

9. NOOOOOOOO! I loved him as though he were my own flesh and blood

10. Should we get another one?

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