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10 Funny Friday Feels That Everyone Can Relate To

TGIF people! Congratulations to all you work folk who’ve made it this far. Yes, I’m sure a few of you have left a few soldiers behind working on deadlines and whatnot. BUT…that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t make the most of your Friday! When you work Monday-Friday, you literally live for the weekend. The weekend starts the minute you walk out of work with that big happy head on you. Whether you’re relaxing and taking time to find your inner zen, or boogying on down to some funky beat on the dance floor – Either way, I think you’ll enjoy it.

With all that said, we’ve decided to put together 10 Friday feels that we think everyone will relate to. Have a great Friday everyone and an even better weekend!


1. Waking up and knowing it’s Friday 🙂

2. Friday – probably the least productive working day…

3. When you’ve gathered your cronies for after work drinks

4. It’s also a day where you’ve just about had enough of your co-workers

5. When your deadline is Friday..but others just don’t get it

6. When you hear your Friday jam playing on the work Sonos

7. Looking on as your co-worker leaves for a half day

8. When you take your Friday feel a little bit too far

9. Actual footage of you leaving work on a Friday

10. Later that night…you pull out some questionable moves

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