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10 of The Most Ridiculous Job Titles To Ever Grace This Planet


Job titles…where do we start? We’ve all raised an eyebrow or two at job titles whilst scouring LinkedIn in search of candidates. Yes, it’s ok to be creative in your job search but I doubt many of you have searched for “Chief of Unicorn Divison” in your Boolean string.

If you have, then I’m all ears!

Happy Friday!

1. Suspicious Fisherman

You know the guy…the shady one by the pier!?

2. Twitter Overlord

Their door is open day and night.

3. Dog Lover

Where do I sign up?

4. In Charge of The Big Door

Imagine the privilege of being given this job?

5. Smarty Pants

I wonder what his take is on the orange ones?

6. Chief of Unicorn Division

Unicorns… they actually exist!

7. Cunning Linguist

Not just any old linguist, but a cunning linguist…

8. Paperfolder

Bear Grylls is also an expert at making paper airplanes…who would have thunk it!?

9. Awesome Job

After years of studying and hardship, this young gentleman landed himself his dream job!

10. Chocolate Beer Specialist

He looks good after 20 day’s on the chocolate beer!


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