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10 Passive Aggressive Notes Around the Office That We Can All Relate To


Have you ever been on the receiving end of a passive aggressive note in the office? Or maybe you’ve been the one to post an anonymous note to your co-workers, letting them know that it’s not okay to use your special mug, or drink your almond milk, or even eat your sandwich (here’s looking at you, Ross Gellar). In the name of research, we’ve trawled the internet to find 10 of the most passive aggressive notes that have ever been left around the office. Well, we say passive aggressive, but to be honest, some of these are just downright threatening!

1. ‘Hi, is that the police? Yes, I’d like to report a missing mug…’


2. What do you think this is, an office for ants?


3. See what they did there?! 


4. Carrots without hummus? Might as well be gruel.


5. Well, at least they said ‘Thanks for understanding’, even if they did threaten to rip your soul right out.


6. Repeat to self…”If in doubt, follow the refrigerator chart”.


7. Just, wow.


8. Is there ever really an appropriate time for Comic Sans?


9. To be fair, it is hard to resist a good reindeer mug…


10. You don’t want to make Hiroto cry now, do you?!


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