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9 Twitter Accounts Every Recruiter Should Start Following in 2014



Start your 2014 the right way by following some great people on Twitter and adding their knowledge to your daily feed. Here’s our comprehensive list of the 9 Best Twitter Accounts Every Recruiter Should Start Following in 2014:

1. @andyheadworth

What to expect:
Practical recruitment advice for both agency and corporate recruiters.

If you’re looking for practical, no bullsh*t advice for corporate and agency recruiters then this is the account for you! Run in conjunction with his blog “Sirona Says” (Winner of the Recruitment Industry Supplier Blog Award in 2013), Andy blends links to great articles and infographics about recruitment, social media, content strategy and digital trends with no nonsense opinions and evaluations of stuff like recruitment tools, social media sites, product updates and employer branding efforts.

2. @HireOnLinkedIn

What to expect:
Up to the minute news about LinkedIn and it’s most innovative members.

LinkedIn’s only recruitment centric Twitter account, is dedicated to helping you find better talent by keeping you informed and up-to-date of any platform changes and new products as well as sharing tips for how to build your employer brand with LinkedIn.

3. @ERE_net

What to expect:
Top recruiting news and opinions.

ERE is the top website in the world for recruiting news and opinion and it’s corresponding Twitter account is no different.

4. @StacyZapar

What to expect:
Good synopsis of recruitment and HR related stories and articles from around the web.

Stacy is the most connected woman on LinkedIn (and one of our Black Belt Online trainers don’t cha know) and uses her time on Twitter to share fantastic blog articles and infographics she’s selected from around the world with her 22,000 followers. Some of her recent recommendations range from “How to Job Search 2014 Style: Three Mindsets to Embrace” to “11 Fascinating Social Media Stats from 2013” to “How to Choose the Right Photo for Your LinkedIn Profile“.

5. @smexaminer

What to expect:
Updates, blogs and advice surrounding everything social media.

Run as a companion to the main blog the Social Media Examiner, @smexaminer is a great account to follow for everything social media, including updates concerning each of the primary social networks, blog articles about how to use and get the most out of each social network and other blog articles all about content creation, production and implementation. This is a must-follow for social recruiters!

6. @SourceCon

What to expect:
“Sourcing news and knowledge, beyond the obvious”

The SourceCon website was first launched in 2007 as a destination site for recruiters looking for information, knowledge and news about the sourcing industry and community. @SourceCon is an extension of that site and embodies everything the original website still stands for. SourceCon use their Twitter to share the latest sourcing tips from some of the world’s smartest sourcers.

7. @BillBoorman

What to expect:
 Conversations and arguments straight from the frontline of recruitment.

The “hat wearing” founder of #Tru has worked in and around recruiting for the last 30 years and is ranked the third most influential person in the field of online recruitment. As such, he is well placed to tweet all about developments in social recruitment, recruitment content production, product and recruitment consulting, a range of HR topics, talent acquisition and recruitment technology. While some of the thoughts and advice expressed on his account may not make sense now, it will all be clear in a year! This is future thinking at its finest!

8. @greg_savage

What to expect:
Great recruitment tips, practices and techniques based on real life experiences.

Blending old and new school techniques, tips and practices on everything recruitment from strategy to consulting to board advisory on a global scale, Greg Savage offers up his sage advice on the recruitment industry and how to navigate it.

9. @HubSpot

What to expect:
Plenty of lead generation advice.

Hubspot, as their Twitter Header reminds us, is the number one inbound marketing platform in the world. Why should recruiters be bothered about them in that case, I hear you ask? Well, marketing advice isn’t just for marketeers. Much of what Hubspot do is about helping businesses find leads, AKA exactly what recruiters aim to do on a daily basis. Hubspot offer plenty of lead generation advice through Twitter in the form of blog article links, practical tips and online challenges.


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